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The Teleological Argument from the Fine-Tuning of the Universe

1 Introduction The teleological argument (i.e., the argument from design) has experienced something of a renaissance over the last half-century or so. In addition to the genetic and biochemical evidence that points to the existence of an Intelligent Designer of the cosmos, the primary fuel for this renaissance has been discoveries from and advances in fields like cosmology and theoretical physics, to name but a few. What scientists have come to discover is that the physics necessary to permit the existence of life—of any kind—depends upon a balance so unfathomably precise that it literally defies human comprehension; this is known as the fine-tuning of the universe. Here is how Stephen …

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Extending the BGV Theorem to Cosmogonic Models that Posit an Infinite Contraction

You all will have to forgive me for making such a technical post as this blog’s first; it just so happens that this has been the topic of my recent research. Sorry. For those of you who do not know, there was a kinematic incompleteness theorem proven in 2003 that (in very non-technical terms) demonstrates that any universe that has been, on average, expanding throughout its history, cannot be eternal to the past, but must have an past spacetime boundary (i.e., a beginning). It just so happens that our universe has been, by all appearances, expanding throughout its history. However, there have been many attempts to craft highly speculative cosmogonic …

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