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The Teleological Argument from the Fine-Tuning of the Universe

1 Introduction The teleological argument (i.e., the argument from design) has experienced something of a renaissance over the last half-century or so. In addition to the genetic and biochemical evidence that points to the existence of an Intelligent Designer of the cosmos, the primary fuel for this renaissance has been discoveries from and advances in fields like cosmology and theoretical physics, to name but a few. What scientists have come to discover is that the physics necessary to permit the existence of life—of any kind—depends upon a balance so unfathomably precise that it literally defies human comprehension; this is known as the fine-tuning of the universe. Here is how Stephen …

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The Kalām Cosmological Argument

The kalām cosmological argument (hereafter, KCA) is a piece of natural theology that aims to show that there exists a beginningless, spaceless, timeless, immaterial, enormously powerful, personal, Creator of the universe. The most notable—and indeed, the most capable—defender of the argument today is the eminent Dr. William Lane Craig . Atheist philosopher Quentin Smith has noted, The fact that theists and atheists alike ‘cannot leave [the] Kalam argument alone’ suggests that it may be an argument of unusual philosophical interest or else has an attractive core of plausibility that keeps philosophers turning back to it and examining it once again. The argument can be formulated in three simple steps: 1.0 …

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